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The Bucket MLM

Posted by Mark Haas Jr on 10th January 2013

BuckMLM3 The Bucket MLMWith only the LIFE Business, you could probably figure out how to sell books and CDs and how to sign up people. You don’t need a system for that. With a little determination, you will find a process that works for you. You might even be able to recruit a few others to do the same. In other words, you could carry buckets to deliver water and you could also recruit a team of people to carry buckets and deliver water. This is the typical analogy I use to describe traditional MLM and networking models, the Bucket MLM.  (This post is the 2nd in the series)

Bucket MLM businesses are difficult, because sooner or later the ones who are good at signing up people, get tired and hope someone else will do it. Trying to sustain a signup game is very difficult. I’ve known many people in the MLM industry who have built big organizations and it all fell apart. A volunteer business that is built around the idea of recruitment is not easily sustainable. People who are generally very skeptical of the LIFE business are the ones familiar with this bucket model. They think that’s what we do and arguably so they want nothing to do with it.

Naively though, many of the people that get in the LIFE Business do, see it as a business, but have it in their mind that bucket recruitment is the easy mode of operation which will make them a success. It is in fact the hardest and nearly almost impossible way to build an organization. Innocently, they think this is “simply” a business of recruitment and “sales” and they are willing to play the odds of recruiting enough people and selling enough that someone eventually will do it for them. They usually have “Big Fish” mentality. In other words, because they know some influential people they think are going to have it easy getting a lot of people “signed up.”

If you do get some progress out of this method, then congratulations is due. You are a great sales person or you have lived your life in a manner that has blessed you with influence. Be forewarned, it will almost never last because you are not duplicatable and right now your business depends on your abilities and not a system. Consequentially, it is limited to growth only with in your abilities. In addition, with, you as the limitation, there will not be enough LIFE materials flowing through your organization for it to produce an income which will allow you to be financially independent.

The Bucket MLM way, is actually the way I thought when I got involved. I believed I knew enough people that would join me and eventually it would get so big that I would not have to do anything and before long I’d be rich. I was hit with a rude awakening when not that many people were willing to listen to me. And no big fish ever joined my team to do it for me. By the way, there is a method of sustaining this kind of business. It’s called, “work your guts out forever.” I didn’t have the kind of time that was required nor the energy to work hard enough for this method to work for me. I also didn’t have the influence I thought I had. I am so thankful for the TEAM system to help me develop the culture for duplication to occur. It has proven to be a true pipeline and not a bucket. I would have been sunk if success depended upon my existing level of influence within my circle.

For, the immortal person who gets the bucket MLM of to any kind of a decent start, the good news is they have taken personal responsibility, the bad news is, at this point they are self-employed. It is not our (THE TEAM’s) desire that you be self-employed. This is why Chris Brady and Orrin Woodward have included excerpts on the B-type businesses in The TEAM’s first night book. In addition, this is why we promote the Robert Kiyosaki’s book, “The Cashflow Quadrant.” For your success, and the success of others, it will be mandatory to understand the B-type business quadrant and the importance of systems. In order to have a b-type business, it will be necessary to learn and understand how a b-type business owner thinks. In the “How to get started” pack, there is a cd called, “Team 272 – Think Business” by Chris Brady. If you will learn to think like the wealthy, only then can you become wealthy.

Learning will not be optional

Learning will not be optional for success.  It might have been my biggest obstacle in the beginning. I did not like to read. In addition, where I went to engineering school, they taught me that I knew everything already. Lol.  A hunger to learn is what it will take.  Let me say that a different way.  Since I was not wealthy, it was proof that I don’t think like a wealthy person.  I didn’t like being told that or even discovering it, but it was true.  I had to “confront the brutal facts” as Jim Collins says in his book “Good to great” and not be offended, but enlightened.  By admitting the truth, I could now act on it, instead of experimenting with my time and other people’s time. 

I found that it is not just learning that was important.  One must be hungry to learn also.  In the book “Launching A Leadership Revolution” by Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady, Chapter 2 begins the “Foundational Qualities.”  “Foundational Quality” number one is “Hunger.”  Hunger is a discipline.  Don’t worry if you don’t feel very hungry right now.  Read the aforementioned chapter to understand what it means to be hungry and how to develop it.  I won’t try to say it better than my mentors have in their #1 best-selling book.  Listening to the TEAM cds regularly will also help you develop some hunger naturally.

A strong desire to take direction from those who have proven they have the answers will also be a big short cut.  Learn to think like a person who is wealthy.  Learn from those who are wealthy and learn in the manner they recommend, not just in the way you prefer.   All people who are wealthy depend on systems, not their abilities.  Robert Kiyosaki very plainly states in his book, “The Cash Flow Quadrant,” that all B-type businesses develop people and/or systems.  The TEAM has a system for developing people.  It’s not your “Job” to develop people here at this time in the journey, it’s your responsibility as a leader to create a culture of learning and leveraging the TEAM system to duplicate and develop people.

Stay Tuned for my next section in this series Called “How to Create a Culture of Hunger to Learn”

God Bless

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Just fun

Posted by Mark Haas Jr on 2nd January 2012

This week Rita and some of the roundtable ladies have been invited to visit Terri Brady at her Place in cape coral Fl. We decided to take a few days to deliver her as a family. It’s quite a LIFE experience spending 20 hours in a car with 5 children 10 and under and two “adults.”

We thank the LIFE business for our ability to endure such a task, LoL! Actually it’s been an amazing reflection to think how well the kids did respecting each others “lack of space.” We need to get a few more CDs in Annabel (2 years old) as her attitude about her 3 point harness and racing seat was a little on the negative side, occasionally.

Adam (10) was quite the trooper as he was the one who sat between Audrey (5) who likes to dance in her seat and Annabel who likes to escape from her seat. Aaron (8) gets the honor on the return trip!

We stopped at Walmart (as we always do anytime we are in the car together and I mean always) and purchased a nerf and mini “leather” football. We recently read the book of the month watched a Tim Tebow video so the boys have been hungry to throw. Adam and Aaron were quickly cranking perfect spirals at the rest stops. Alec quickly proved you can play frisbee “by myself” as he doesn’t need anyone’s help – the choleric!

I waited to the last minute to find a condo for a few days so I could negotiate a good price as I was sure anyone would rather rent their vacant condo for even a few dollars profit than none. Gotta keep working on that finance F as we teach our children to be “good stewards of their money.

Between the roof of the suburban, a bike rack and a hitch tote, we brought all the bikes and a pull behind for Annabel. We looked like something Jed Clampet would have put together. We arrived in style to our final Ft Myers destination at about 1am.

What a great time it has been even in just the first few hour of the new day watching the beach totally captivate the attention of all the children. No boredom here! Some sun, a great ocean breeze, and sand and water digging kids!

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The Life Testimony of Josh Dames

Posted by Josh Dames on 23rd December 2011


Josh The Life Testimony of Josh Dames

Josh Dames

A Hard working Man Learned how LIFE is so much more!

It was just a hand full of years ago when my wife Annie (Dames) got an unexpected phone call that, we would soon find out, would change our life forever. I grew up in a small town in Missouri where I was able to witness and learn from hard working parents, what it took to “get by” and raise a family. I am one of six children and have the greatest family a man could ask for. Growing up the oldest boy, I would like to say that I learned first hand from my father the principles, thinking, and character it took to be successful as a husband, father, and spiritual leader in my home, but that is not my story.  

I want to point out that I have a great father, and I can say that because I have learned things from him that I am able to still implement in my life, but he did not have the life or lifestyle that I wanted. I did learn from him one thing that I believe is a great trait to have as a man, and that is a strong work ethic. Because I learned to work hard, I soon realized that my work became a source of self-worth, or self-confidence. I found myself working 80-90 hours a week with a wife and 3 small children at home.

Not having any other options in my life but to “work hard”; I thought I was on the right track. With much doubt where our financial future was headed, Annie got the phone call. It was then we were introduced to the Team. I got really excited about the financial opportunity that the Team and eventually the LIFE Business had to offer! Working through all the skepticism, the questions, and a wife that was not excited about pursuing anything more, I seen a great opportunity to get us out of the financial trap that I was in. Thanks to Kevin Cobb, he was a great turning point in my life because he met me where I was at, not only by helping me in my finances, but also giving me the information in the 8 F’s. He also introduced me to the association where I learned the most valuable thing in my life! Define, Learn, Do!

  I did not realize that by simply defining what I want my life to look like, (in the 8F’s) learning from someone or a proven system that has fruit on the tree, and then doing what they did, that I would then start to see things change in my life. I would then have the successes that I was looking for.

  This is where I would like to thank my personal Life Coach and mentor, Mark Haas for his example and having done what is required to have results and the fruit on the tree to learn from. Also, Orrin and Laurie Woodward, and Chris and Terri Brady for developing the world’s best proven business information system. This system has helped me to grow in my family life, leadership skills, character, and relationships.

Ultimately I want to thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for his love, grace, and mercy! God Bless!

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Scott Ballah – LIFE Tesitmony

Posted by Scott Ballah on 21st December 2011

 A Man learns systematic Success from LIFE and its mentors!

Camera Pictures 1321 225x300 Scott Ballah   LIFE Tesitmony

Scott & Angie Ballah

I always had great examples to follow in the area of hard work which is required to achieve success in anything. It was only after being introduced to the Team system and our future mentors Mark and Rita Haas that I realized I had found a cure for the “pain” I had endured as an engineer. Chris Brady, Orrin Woodward, and Mark Haas taught me that hard work alone will just make a person tired. Hard work coupled with a system and the correct information is the true key to success.

I can remember sitting at my desk during work hours and being extremely frustrated about our financial situation and not having a way to be free to make my own choices. People would always tell me “you must be doing very well since you’re an engineer and your wife is a nurse”. Little did they know we were drowning in debt and having to spend more time away from each other and our twins at the time.

The first night I was introduced to the Team business system and what eventually became THE LIFE BUSINESS, I was extremely excited!! All of the dreams I had when I was in college that I thought would be provided through getting an engineering degree were awakened. At first, I only saw the financial benefit of the Team system and LIFE business. I have learned and applied so much about each of the 8 F’s of LIFE (Faith, Family, Finance, Fitness, Fun, Friends, Freedom, Following).

Our marriage and finances were a wreck. I didn’t have much of a spiritual background or foundation. Leadership was not in my vocabulary and I didn’t understand the importance of keeping our freedom (personal and national). I had plenty of friends and fun usually involving 12 ounce arm curls (the results of which were stated in the first sentence).

I am eternally grateful to the Haas’ and the Brady’s for steering me out of that train wreck through their mentorship and the books and CD’s in the LIFE business. Our marriage is amazing (twins plus 3 more)!! We have been able to get out of debt, pay cash for vehicles, help some family members financially, raise our children in a Christian home, have more friends and fun and find a purpose that will affect generations to come. LIFE will never be the same and I’m fired up about that!!!

In Christ,
“In a man’s heart, he plans his course but the Lord directs his steps.” Proverbs 16:9

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Hey Mister, What’s Your Dream?

Posted by Ryan & Sarah Fronick on 20th December 2011

2011 0508 043 300x225 Hey Mister, Whats Your Dream?Orrin Woodward’s RESOLVED 13 Resolutions for LIFE book states, “It’s only with a mind that understands, a heart that generates passion, and a disciplined will to follow through, that change is generated inside a person.”  The following is an amazing testimony of a couple who has united their mind, heart, and will towards achieving their dreams.  

“Welcome to Hollywood!  Everybody has a dream!  What’s your dream?  What’s your dream?  Hey mister, What’s your dream?”  As the opening line to Pretty Woman (one of my favorite movies) points out, we all have dreams.  Usually dreams don’t come true without sacrifice.  Sacrifice can be defined as short term loss in return for a greater power gain.  Sacrifice in the oldest records was that of human lives and animals.  The more valuable the offering, generally, the more highly the sacrifice is regarded but the more difficult to make. 

When my dream was to become an Architect, I had to leave my family and friends to go to college.  I am very shy, so this was difficult for me.  Growing up I was taught to go after what I wanted and I could do anything.  My parents wanted a better future for me than what they had.  When I was very young, they owned a health foods store.  At some point the store was not doing well, and their finances went south.  They lost their store and the house.  I was too young to understand what was happening.  They pushed on and on to provide for my sister and I, making sacrifices along the way that mine can’t even compare to.

A dream I always had growing up was to have a family.  Ryan and I met during college.  A year after I graduated we got married, we got a house, then we got a dog and a cat all within the same year.  We both had good jobs, we worked on our house, and we enjoyed playing tennis.  Five years later we had a beautiful baby girl.  A lot of people asked me if I would stay home or go back to work. It wasn’t something I really considered because I just figured I would go back to work.  How would we make it on 1 income? What kind of sacrifices would we have to make on 1 income?  What would people think of me if I “quit” on my dream of becoming an Architect? 

So, I went back to work full time.  I was juggling home, family, work and trying to become an Architect by taking 7 exams.  At this time (about 3 years ago) we were approached with TEAM by our good friends Ryan & Sarah.  They asked me if I wanted to be a stay at home mom.  I quickly answered “no”.  I thought, “what are they talking about?  How am I supposed to be an Architect if I stay at home?”  We declined what they were offering.

A few years later we had another beautiful baby girl.  I honestly considered staying at home this time.  With the cost of daycare and rising gas prices, I questioned if it really made sense for me to continue to work.  Plus, by now my dream of becoming an Architect had been put on the back burner.  However, I went back to work full time again juggling everything.  Since then, I feel like a chicken running around with my head cut off!  We rush to get out the door in the morning, I rush around at work to get as much as possible done so that I don’t have to work any over time, I rush to pick the girls up at daycare, we rush to get dinner on the table, and we rush to get them to bed.  This is our daily routine.  I started to think “I’m going to have a heart attack before they even graduate from high school.”

This stressful busy life that society says makes us successful is just unhealthy.  The worst part is that our only family time is on the weekends.  We also started to go backwards in our finances.  All of this was affecting our relationships.  Ryan and I became short with each other, with our girls, and our patience was always running thin.

What a perfect time for Ryan and Sarah to re-approach us about LIFE!  I was interested, but wasn’t sure we could make it work.  Ryan & Sarah told me I would have to make sacrifices.  I thought “why should I have to make sacrifices?”  They were gracious enough to accept me where I was.  Fortunately we don’t have to offer the lives of our kids or animals to become part of LIFE!  I could tell my husband Ryan wanted this, so I agreed.  I would hear people on CD’s talk about living your priorities.  I realized how backwards my thinking had become.  If my family was my priority, why wasn’t I making it my priority?  We did need to change. 

My new dream is to be a stay at home mom.  I have to make sacrifices, but they are worth it.  Believe in your dreams.  Thank you Ryan & Sarah Fronick, Brandon & Kristina Brazier, and Chris & Marcia Robinson for believing in us!

Please share your LIFE “Dreams and Sacrifices” story and post to FB.

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LIFE gives the Gift of Honor

Posted by Marcia Robinson on 1st December 2011

gift 150x150 LIFE gives the Gift of Honor

Give the Gift of Honor

The gift-giving season has arrived and it reminds me of a book Terri Brady recommended related to parenting.  It challenged me to consider the Family area of my LIFE, specifically in regards to honor and respect in the home.  Honor was defined simply as “treating people as special, doing more than what’s expected, and having a good attitude.”  Additionally, it went on to explain that showing honor is like giving a gift.  When we treat others in dishonoring ways, it’s like giving dirt to them.  On the contrary, when we show honor, we give them a daily gift worthy of sharing with others.

As an assertive and somewhat dominant (lol!) woman, my personality had affected our home environment.  Our children were being raised as independent thinkers, yes, but ultimately, they knew that mommy and daddy had the “final say” in the home.  Obedience didn’t seem to be a problem; yet, something was lacking.  It didn’t take me long to recognize that “something” was honor.  I can laugh now looking back how I attempted to “take charge” and bring honor into our home through an action plan of discussions on character related topics, reading classics, and associated reward charts.  Initially we saw some change, but obviously I was missing the spirit of the book–honor through example.

We are commanded in God’s word to “prefer one another” (Romans 12:10).  The New International Version states it like this, “Honor one another above yourselves.”  At the heart of it, “preferring” one another really challenges our naturally selfish mindset.  This type of honor is desperately needed in many homes across America, including our own.  With the addition of our seventh little one, Chris and I were reawakened to this need.  We are so grateful for the LIFE changing information we continue to receive through the LIFE subscriptions.  Chris Brady’s recent LIFE cd on “giving happy” reminded me how we find true joy in service to others.  Honor Based Parenting isn’t always easy, but as Orrin Woodward says, “Leaders don’t do things that are convenient, they do things that are needed.”

The author of the book I mentioned earlier stresses, “When we recognize a person’s value, it’s easy to give him or her honor.”  We find ourselves blessed to be associated with people like Mark and Rita Haas, Chris and Terri Brady, and Orrin and Laurie Woodward.  These LIFE leaders exemplify how to not only validate others, but to add value in their lives by pouring a bit of themselves into them.

Chris and I are proud to be part of the legacy of Team Maximus, where each of our affiliated Teams can unite under the banner of “Strength and HONOR.”  We have found that STRENGTH resides in being part of a group of people that are committed to “treat people as special, do more than what’s expected, and have a good attitude.”  Thank you, Mark and Rita for setting that example for us all.

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LIFE’s Rewards Outweigh the Risk

Posted by Ryan & Sarah Fronick on 24th November 2011

LIFEriskReward1 LIFEs Rewards Outweigh the RiskAfter reading the following paragraphs of Orrin Woodward’s recent blog post entitled “LIFE: Downside Risk & Upside Reward”, I thought back to the first time Sarah and I were introduced to the networking profession.  

“So what is the downside risk in this model? Hmm, let me think. . . The downside risk is that you might not enjoy the leadership training from two best selling leadership authors and business partners. If at any time you do not see the value in the leadership materials, you have a 30 day “no questions asked” return policy. Certainly within 30 days, you could discover whether the leadership materials is helping you or not, right? 

The downside risk is negligible. But what about the upside reward? With a compensation plan that pays out 70% revenue points to anyone who achieves a minimum of 150 points of business, the networking game is changed forever.” 

As our great friends Brandon & Kristina Brazier shared the information, our thought process was:  “So you are telling me that we are going to subscribe to great principle-based leadership information from people with fruit on the tree (as opposed to those with only an opinion), associate with positive people who genuinely have a vested interest in helping others (as opposed to those who focus only on themselves), and have an opportunity to create a pipeline income over time (instead of the 45 year plan)?  There is no commitment and I can vote with my wallet?  As Orrin says, this became an IQ test.  Sign me up! 

Because we “took the downside risk” our lives have changed dramatically in each of the 8Fs in a positive way.  I would like to thank my amazing (graceful) wife Sarah, an awesome team of Rascals, our coaches Chris & Marcia Robinson, our mentors Mark & Rita Haas, along with Chris & Teri Brady, Orrin & Laurie Woodward and the LIFE founders for having the vision and hunger to make a positive impact in this world by first growing themselves and then helping others grow – to a million and beyond!

Please share your LIFE  ”downside risk & upside reward “ story and post to FB.

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Are you throwing a way your opportunities and you dont even know it?

Posted by Mark Haas Jr on 18th November 2011

I just read an article titled  The Baby & the Bath Water by Orrin Woodward.  The following is the beginning excerpt I am referring to:

“Have you ever heard the quote, “Don’t throw the baby out with the dirty bath water?” I certainly have used this principle repeatedly over the years. Sadly, too many times, people do throw the baby and the bath water out because they do not understand fully the concept described in Chapter 5 of the new RESOLVED book – Plan, Do, Check, and Adjust (PDCA). Remember, anytime you throw out the baby, you also throw out your opportunity. It’s been my experience that anything worth doing is worth doing poorly until you can do it great. The key is to have emotional intelligence to persist while improving.”

I remember when I had just attended a business meeting about ten years ago in the industry of relational marketing.  I was so clueless then.  I thought it was an internet marketing business and I would be able to run a successful business without having to deal with people. You know, blast out emails, find someone else to do it, put flyers on cars etc.  I think that is what we want naturally. We want something easy where we don’t have to expose ourselves to the inconsistent behavior of people.

Coming from a pretty dysfunctional family, being a foster child at age 15 and mainly on my own since 15, my people skills and self-esteem were of the worst you could ever find.  So when I learned that I was really not involved in a product business but a people business, I was so tempted to “throw the baby out with the bathwater.”  I remember reading in one of the top five books that “low self esteem means friction and trouble”.  I sure did relate to that.

I almost made the mistake of thinking since I wasn’t a people person, I could not succeed in a people business.  But what happened was I began reading and listen to CDs from TEAM and The Life Business and they helped me think of not my problem but a solution.  For some reason, an untrained brain naturally leads us to think of excuses instead of solutions. Excuses are easier and let us off the hook.  They keep the pressure off. They justify (to ourselves but not others) why we don’t have to try or change.

Don’t ever forget that the value of something is proportional to the price paid to achieve it.  If you don’t ever pay a price to achieve something, you will feel less valuable, I assure you.  God made you great and He is the author of self-satisfaction (the emotional reward you get when your maximize the gifts God gave you). Funny thing is that if you don’t pay the price of achievement then you will pay the price of stagnation and again you will feel less valuable.

Excuses destroy and solutions create.  Just because you are not good at something now has no bearing upon your ability to become good or great at something.

For example, Instead of you saying, “I don’t have any money” think  instead:  “How do I develop a plan to get money” or “What are others in my situation doing to get money?”

Instead of saying, “My marriage is bad”, ask yourself:  “What can I do to take personal responsibility to make my marriage better and where can I find some good information to help me” and “Can I find other people who have good marriages and learn from them?”

Instead of saying, “I don’t have any people skills”, ten years ago I said: “What materials does the TEAM and LIFE Business have that I can learn to develop great people skills?”  I tell you, that line of thinking has made all the difference in our lives.  Have a “can do” or “can learn to do” mentality because, with God, all things are possible for those who believe.(Mark 9:23) Your willingness to learn and act upon a “can do” mentality is the only real proof you have any faith in your Creator. “For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also.” (James 2:26)

Here is the brutal FACT. An excuse is simply one’s admission that they are unwilling to seek out a solution. And usually that solution has been identified by someone else already.  People are overconfident in their thinking but under-confident in their ability to learn and implement new ideas and strategies. I thank God for The Team and The Life Business. Ten years ago, I was an excuse-maker. It is by a thin thread that I resisted the temptation to make excuses for my lack of people skills and quit the industry I knew so little about.   We kept the baby and filtered the bathwater every day and will continue to do so.  I hope you do also, for you are to be the light and salt of the world (Matthew 5:13).

God Bless

Mark Has

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IS the LIFE MLM with Orrin Woodward a SCAM? Uncover the Truth here!

Posted by Mark Haas Jr on 7th November 2011


LIFEVIDEO IS the LIFE MLM with Orrin Woodward a SCAM? Uncover the Truth here!

Most People think MLMs are a Scam.  One of the newest ones to launch involving Orrin Woodward, Chris Brady, Mark Haas and many others recently is
The LIFE business.

  Here is a Cartoon I made which details many misconceptions I have experienced in the Ten Years I have been exposed to this industry.


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Can Your Association really determine your success – For One family it did!

Posted by Mark Haas Jr on 29th October 2011

Following TEAM Maximus and Orrin Woodward in to a new LIFE, Jason and Gina Sweet have changed so much for the better!

In just 3 short months my (Jason Sweet) life has changed in several ways for the better and more rapidly than I could have predicted or expected and all I did was change my information and my association! Since signing up with TEAM and getting on Leadership System I immediately dove into the system tools. I began reading books and listening to CDs. Prior to TEAM I had areas of my life like finance that needed help but had neither the confidence or information to fix it. It was a very overwhelming feeling! I’ve now read several books on personal finance that have not only introduced us to an immediate plan to begin the climb out of the financial hole we were in but have educated us on how to budget. We are now saving several hundred dollars a month using the same financial resources that we’ve always had. Books like “The Richest Man in Babylon” should be read by everyone feeling overwhelmed by their own financial burdens as I WAS. By implementing a budget, practicing long-term vision, and reevaluating my financial responsibilities we were able to create an extra $300/month. We still have the debt but it now is manageable and is not the mental goliath that it was before. Defining exactly what we wanted in life was instrumental in determining what we could live without. My wife, Gina, two sons Kevin 7 and Lincoln 4, and even my 11 month old daughter Julie all understand what delayed gratification is and I can assure you that my family is happier today than it has ever been.
While the finance portion was a huge victory in my life and the TEAM does deserve all the credit for the ignorance it corrected, personally it was not the most important. The personal growth that I am developing in my life has been priceless. Through system tools and now LIFE products as well as association through Tuesday opens, live seminars, and major conventions thing are beginning to happen in my life that I never thought would be possible. The system is second to none but I believe as good as the system is you still have to have leaders and mentors that are strong and live by example. As far as I am concerned none are stronger than Mark and Rita and Josh and Annie. I believe that they have more character and integrity than any group of people I have ever met in my life. They are true products of an incredible system. I aspire to be more like Mark Haas and Josh Dames. Since mentoring with Josh and participating in a marriage class led by Mark as well as reading books on leadership, faith, and family all areas of my life are improving and I am so happy and proud to be a part of this TEAM. Being a leader is what I always wanted to be and I thank God for the opportunity to serve and grow with the men and women of TEAM Maximus!!!

Author – Jason Sweet

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Is Your LIFE Led by Congo Courage or American Arrogance? – by Scott Ballah

Posted by Mark Haas Jr on 18th October 2011

CongoApe Is Your LIFE Led by Congo Courage or American Arrogance?   by Scott Ballah

Congo Courage or American Arrogance

Over the passed eight years with The Team lead by Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady, I have had the extreme privilege to be around, befriend and be mentored by some of the most courageous people I have ever met.

My perception of courage before joining this organization was more of the tough guy with the big muscles, big truck and bad attitude. This concept was birthed in a myriad of TV shows, movies and bad association.

However, I realized after being around people of character, reading biographies of courageous individuals (e.g. Theodore Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln, William Wilberforce, Winston Churchill) and studying the Bible, my understanding of courage has been greatly changed and expanded. In Gus Lee’s book Courage: The Backbone of Leadership, he defines courage as “the mental and moral strength to venture, persevere and withstand danger, fear or difficulty.” In Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady’s book Launching a Leadership Revolution, they state “courage is not action without fear but action in spite of fear.”

This was a total paradigm shift for me!! After gaining this knowledge and reflecting on my past, I can definitely point to times of courage displayed by my father and brother. Now I see acts of courage displayed by multiple people in many arenas from the widowed mother with no experience or education sacrifice to provide for her family to the rehabilitated drug addict fight every day to stay clean to the father who just lost a job and has to figure out how to pay the bills and feed his family. Mostly, I have to thank Chris Brady, Orrin Woodward and Mark Haas for being men of courage in a nation that has lost its way. These three men and many of the people in the teams they lead have sacrificed so much for so many standing in the face of fear for the posterity of our nation.

We live in a culture today where lives are lived (or dead and waiting to be buried) vicariously through sports, TV shows, movies and various other forms of entertainment. Men and women of courage are desperately needed to fill the leadership void our nation is experiencing.
I recently had the privilege to meet a young man that originates from the Congo at a LIFE business meeting. He has risked everything to get to America in order to pursue the dream that many of us have forgotten or have never had the courage to chase. He and his wife came to this country with no money, no form of income and no housing only a dream to be free. He takes a job that is well below his capabilities (speaks six languages, very well educated) in order to provide for his family while he seeks his dream. I am introduced to him at the LIFE meeting by some of our very close friends and he says, “This meeting is going to be a turning point for me and my wife. This is why I came to America.” Courage!!

At the same meeting, I am introduced to a man who was born here and has done well financially until recently due to market volatility. After being introduced to this gentleman, I asked him if he was excited about the possibilities with the LIFE business and his future. He said, “It’s not for me.” I forgot to say he was massively stressed because of finances and didn’t know how he was going to make it.
Two men at the same meeting with vastly different backgrounds, one chasing a dream founded on courage and the other chasing a paycheck and surviving, make a decision that will be a turning point for each of them. It’s time for us as a nation to be courageous. Where are you men of courage?

“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid. Do not be discouraged; for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9

In Christ,
Scott Ballah

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Posted by Mark Haas Jr on 11th October 2011

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Goal Setting: Being Mentored Is No Scam

Posted by Mark Haas Jr on 10th October 2011

As a Leader, does one really need to set goals? Are Goals just a waste of time? Can Goals influence your ability to lead others?

In the book, “Launching a Leadership Revolution,” the authors Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady define a goal as planned conflict against the status quo.

I used to never set goals. But through reading and mentorship, over the last several years, I have purposely set some goals. I’m amazed at how things can come together. When you are serious about the goal, not only do you have an organized method for ensuring the completion of the goal, but also, all your subconscious efforts start focusing on hitting the target. You begin to accomplish things and think of more ways to get things done faster and bigger than what was originally thought. In addition someone might see you demonstrate the value of your words with action and they might decide to follow you and help. (influence)

Here are a few tips on setting Goals:

1) Goals should be written and specific and have a time on them.
2) Set up some form of accountability
3) Develop a plan or strategy to execute the Goal (get advice from an expert especially if experience is low)
4) Measure your progress and adjust the plan if necessary
5) Visualize your completion and reward
6) Reward your self appropriately for achieving the goal

For example, recently, I began jogging for the first time in two years or more. I never liked jogging but I like to win. Time and distance are the standards used to measure jogging performance, so I set my goals to run a specific distance in a specific amount of time.

I set my first goal to be able to run two miles, all at once, without stopping by the end of the first week. The second week I set my goal to run the two miles in under 20 minutes.

Especially, since I’m not fond of jogging, I needed a way I would not weasel out on myself. I found an app for my iphone called ‘’Joggy Coach’’ which posted my times and routes on Facebook and Twitter. I also posted my goal there. This was my accountability and the ability to measure my progress in time and distance because it had a built in GPS.

My plan was to get up every morning and Run first thing. As I first began running, I wasn’t sure exactly how much route was two miles. I mapped out a best guess route. Then I used the app to keep track and I added distance along the way as I could tell my original route was falling short of the goal. (adjust the plan)

It was painful to run and often I wanted to quit. I began to visualize the effects of having to tweet “I’m a quitter” to motivate myself to finish. Since I rarely have time to listen to music anymore, I also set up my iphone to play some of my favorite motivating songs as a reward while I was running.

In addition, I added another incentive for running every morning by taking my motorcycle to the park and running there. The reward was that it felt very refreshing on the way home riding after a run with the cool morning air blowing on hot skin.

Setting goals is an effective leadership building habit. As my two boys saw me being dedicated to following through on my commitment to myself, they started demanding that they go with me. Influence! My disciplined goal following formula I learned from The TEAM and Orrin Woodward.  His influence is now being paid forward and influencing my boys to set goals for LIFE.

God Bless

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Can you really retire at 29? Find out here?

Posted by Mark Haas Jr on 9th October 2011

How can you really retire in today’s world? What is the secret? What kind of LIFE can you lead by changing your thinking?

My husband Scott and I had both worked hard our entire lives. We had great examples in our parents who believed in an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay.

We both pursued Bachelor of Science degrees in our field, his engineering and mine nursing. I can remember feeling so confident in the conventional thinking we had followed. It seemed; however, as time clicked by that the results of our choices were not what we had hoped. We had accumulated a lot of debt with student loans, car notes, a mortgage and various credit card debt.

After five years of marriage we felt it was hard to just keep our heads above water each month let alone pursue the priority we had set of me being a stay at home mom.

Through a mutual friend, Scott and I were introduced to Mark and Rita Haas who became instrumental in being able to turn our life around. Mark had been mentored by Chris Brady and plugged into information Chris and his partner Orrin Woodward had systematized for several years Through being a great student of Chris and Orrin and the information they made available on leadership, finances and relationships, Mark was able to guide us to take control of our own finances and lead others to do the same

We learned to delay our gratification and pay off our debt. New habits of thinking about long term goals and not impulsively living for the moment financially were common in the communities of people that influenced our lives! By following their example and applying the same principles we had learned about being a good student and working hard I have been able to be a stay at home mom for over 7 ½ years.

The impact of being able to prioritize my time with our children has completely changed our family. It certainly allows us choices in slowing down to enjoy the day to day moments as our children grow. No longer being reliant on a job for income has also allowed us to homeschool our children. The most precious gift this decision has offered us is the ability to be the main influence in our children’s lives…priceless!

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Written by Angie Ballah

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Gods will: The requirements for your life you must know! – Part 3

Posted by Mark Haas Jr on 8th October 2011

Is it Gods will to look at new opportunities? Shouldn’t I be happy with what God has Given me? Shouldn’t I be content?

People often think that new opportunities threaten God’s will for their life. Accordingly, they stay very closed minded about everything. However, a new opportunity, many times is the next step God has for you. It can force you to demonstrate your faith. Sometimes an opportunity is NOT clear as to what path will make it “all work out.” God often draws us near to him in desperation or confusion in order for the next lesson to be taught. Again, as mentioned in the previous article, the first question should be “does this fall with in the framework of God’s will?” (it it honoring to God?)

Anyone can say they are faithful when their faith isn’t tested. Our media and society has “tricked” us into seeking pleasure and affluence instead of significance and influence through a personal relationship with our creator. That doesn’t mean all pleasures are wrong, but they should come as a reward to being faithful. A Godly dream, a struggle designed for us to grow and learn to become more like Christ then should lead to victory as our reward!

One of my favorite quotes is “God doesn’t call the equipped, He equips whom He calls.” God wants you to tackle new opportunities with faith and courage. He wants to grow you right now to be MORE Christ-like in a way that even a few months from now he will bring you something else, that will cause you to grow again and demonstrate that “with Him all things are possible” (Matt 19:26) Let the world see you courageously tackle new God-honoring challenges where the answers are not all before you. Prove you have faith and let the world see God use you as an instrument to show how great, glorious, and loving he is. This is God’s will for your life.

My favorite biblical author on this subject is by John MacArthur. I began reading his books when I joined the TEAM, a community building organization. In addition to a leadership and community building subscription, they had a faith subscription of books and cds which I have subscribed for 10 years. The founders and my friends, Chris Brady and Orrin Woodward would reference his books as they grew in their leadership skills. Through their example and demonstration of Christ in their life, they influenced me (true discipling) to begin reading the Bible and the same books as they did so I may be blessed with the same information.

Stay tuned for Part four “God’s will, The requirements for your life you must know!” as I will discuss four key points required in the framework.

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A business meeting on the back of a pick up truck changes one family’s financial future in several short years – THIS IS A MUST READ!

Posted by Mark Haas Jr on 7th October 2011

Is the world leading you astray?  Can you get new information, mentorship and leaderships skills for a LIFE purpose?

I was in a worldly paradigm and deep down knew something was not right.  Many people have this mindset; unfortunately their associations prevent them from gaining the courage to act or the wisdom to grow.  There has to be a solution for this gut feeling…

Seeing my parents divorce when I was 15 was an awakening.  I repeatedly said I would not have a girlfriend or get married because in my mind having a girlfriend ultimately led to a broken relationship and hatred.  However, deep down though something did not feel right.  There had to be a solution for this gut feeling…

I used to go out into my workshop and build things nightly to escape the daily grind.  One day I decided to turn my passion of woodworking into a business.  Over time I ended up with a gut feeling that the craft remain a hobby.  There had to be a solution for this gut feeling…

I would hang out with peers on a Friday night at local establishments and discuss superficial topics such as sports, women, and gossip.  I had this gut feeling that my time should be used more productively.  There had to be a solution for this gut feeling…

My wife gave me a bible 11 years ago.  I opened it only once from that time 8 years forward, primarily due to association and lack of purpose.  Then one of my good friends Brandon Brazier courageously stepped out on faith and showed me a business plan for personal growth on the back of a pickup truck.  Sounds strange doesn’t it?  He told me about Orrin Woodward and his leadership organization called the Team and Now what is being called Life.  Over the past several years I have been reading scripture, have found Christ, am developing my purpose and striving to be the best example of a Christian Husband, Father, Brother, Son, and Friend.  LIFE is the solution for this gut feeling…

Understanding my purpose has developed confidence.  When this passion was combined with a dream, hope began to fuel my desire to grow and develop.  A hunger to lead overthrew logic; my elephant began to steer the ant reframing the “self” perspective.  I can really notice a difference looking back over the past 6-9 months.

When somebody goes out and serves (1 Cor 2:4) their paradigm can only be transformed in a positive way.  Seeing friends who were originally negative and are now your best friends in this business, seeing a marriage destined for failure turn around over a 6 month period, seeing people edify you for your efforts/sacrifice; all these are wonderful examples of what the dear Lord has blessed me with through the LIFE business.  Here is the video of My wife retiring from her Job to be able to be a stay at home mom with our son Austin.  This would never have been possible with out the TEAM, Orrrin Woodward, Mark Haas, and the Leadership Skills we Learned from them.  It has changed out LIFE!

10%25252010%25253A17%25253A25%252520PM A business meeting on the back of a pick up truck changes one family’s financial future in several short years – THIS IS A MUST READ!
From Sarah Fronick Retires Fall 2010

Will you let your gut feeling plot its course for your life or are you courageous to live LIFE?

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Written by Ryan Fronick For Posting on TEAM MAXIMUS LIFE BLOG

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God’s will: The requirements for your life you must know! Part 2

Posted by Mark Haas Jr on 6th October 2011

Do you have to “Pray about it” Are you sure? Can God’s will be determined only through prayer?

Often times, I meet people who say, “I’ll have to pray about it.”  Not to be disrespectful, but many times I know they are self-deceived.  Many times they actually don’t even follow through and pray.  At times, it seems to just be a “knee-jerk” response Christians make to the fact that someone just made a request of them to do something that wasn’t what “they” were planning.

Certainly the Bible instructs us that there is a need for prayer.  I’m in no way advocating not to pray.  But usually what they mean is “let me investigate (as if everything that God brings us we are capable of understanding..Ha ha!) and see if this is gonna be easy and in the direction I’m already going.” (if they are going anywhere at all)  However biblically, what they should be doing is truly praying and investigating with a humble spirit to see if the new decision about an opportunity or new direction in their life  is honoring to God.  Often times one direction is just as honoring to God as the other and, you get to chose either.

By honoring to God, I mean it is in alignment with God’s framework in the bible.  Sometimes prayer isn’t even required.  For example, you don’t need to pray and ask God if you should get a loan for a new boat.  He will not say yes because he never contradicts himself.  Since a boat depreciates, borrowing money on such an item would violate the framework that God has set forth to be a good steward  (Luke chapter 16) and the warning that “the borrower is slave to the lender” (Prov 22:7).  Remember, “He made us for his pleasure” not for us to pursue pleasure at the cost of being enslaved to the borrower.  He certainly wants us to enjoy ourselves, but not to the extent that we idolize boats buy trading our freedom for them.

I don’t think God takes pleasure in seeing Christians stagnant. A stagnant Christian doesn’t demonstrate a powerful and glorious God very well.  Christ commanded us to “Go and make disciples of all the nations”.  (Matt 28:19) Stagnant Christians rarely make a disciples of themselves.  A follower of Christ by definition would include making followers of Christ.  A new opportunity should test your character, cause you to have to stretch and grow in a way that what you are doing honors the God you say you represent. Many times a New opportunity is just that and you should run to it after determining it honors God and embrace the new change.

I not trying to be an expert here.  It’s just a perspective having been mentored by a Christian man named Chris Brady.  He, along with Orrin Woodward, is co-founder of a Leadership organization called the TEAM.  I have subscribed to their materials for many years and learned things I could not even articulate before. They have been LIFE changing.

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Stay tuned to our topic as in “God’s will: The requirements for your life you must know! – Part 3 we discuss new opportunities and the threats to Gods will they create …..or not!

God Bless

Mark Haas

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God’s will: The requirements for your life you must know! – Part 1

Posted by Mark Haas Jr on 5th October 2011

‘Christians are brainwashed’ or ’No one can really ‘know’ God’s will…it’s ‘unknowable.’Does Gods care enough about me or… really have a purpose for our life?’ Have you thought about or heard these things before?

How do you know you are living God’s will for your life?  I meet a lot of people who have a difficult time understanding this. I know there a lot of books that speak on this subject, but I’d like to offer a simple perspective that is easy to understand.

God has a will. HIS will does not change. “He has made us for his pleasure.” (Rev 4:11) He has given us a framework in which we are permitted to operate. That framework is explained in His word, the Holy Bible.  If you are not reading the Bible, your framework will be dictated by the popular media and people with whom you associate.  If you are not regularly reading the Bible, that will eventually guarantee you are not doing God’s will for your life. You will not know or remember what that framework is, much less be able to live within it.

If you are reading the Bible regularly, you will be familiar with that framework.  It will honor God to choose anything within that framework as a means to live and operate your life. “A man’s heart devises his way, but the Lord directs his steps.” (Prov 16:19) If you are reading the Bible and pursuing a relationship with God instead of pursuing religion, what is in your heart will be of God.He would be most pleased by us if we lived in a way in which we did the most work for His glory.  That, of course, would include us using the talents he has given us to their maximum potential.

Of course, that maximum potential always comes with some struggle and adversity.  His will for your life rarely presents itself as easy. Somehow many people are making decisions about God’s will for their life based upon the “easier route”.  The Bible I read rarely demonstrates God’s will is the easy route.  In fact, Jesus said, “They will hate you because of me.” (Matt 10:22)  Moses, Joseph, Joshua, Mary and Joseph, Jesus himself, and Paul and the disciples all had the task of doing God’s will and it was a struggle. Usually a big one!  However, it always worked out in the end to honor God and show how magnificent he is.

I did not used to read the bible regularly.  I never used to read books either.  I began reading books when I joined the TEAM, a community building organization.  In addition to a leadership and community building subscription, they had a faith subscription of books and cds which I have subscribed to for 10 years also.  The founders and my friends, Chris Brady and Orrin Woodward would reference books as they grew in their leadership abilities.  Through their example and demonstration of Christ in their life, they influenced me (true discipling) to begin reading the Bible and the same books as they did so I may be blessed with the same information. I encourage you to read the bible regularly as well.

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Stay tuned for part two as we discuss more on the topic of God’s will, specifically, “praying about it”

God Bless

Mark Haas

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