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The Life Testimony of Josh Dames

Posted by Josh Dames on 23rd December 2011


Josh The Life Testimony of Josh Dames

Josh Dames

A Hard working Man Learned how LIFE is so much more!

It was just a hand full of years ago when my wife Annie (Dames) got an unexpected phone call that, we would soon find out, would change our life forever. I grew up in a small town in Missouri where I was able to witness and learn from hard working parents, what it took to “get by” and raise a family. I am one of six children and have the greatest family a man could ask for. Growing up the oldest boy, I would like to say that I learned first hand from my father the principles, thinking, and character it took to be successful as a husband, father, and spiritual leader in my home, but that is not my story.  

I want to point out that I have a great father, and I can say that because I have learned things from him that I am able to still implement in my life, but he did not have the life or lifestyle that I wanted. I did learn from him one thing that I believe is a great trait to have as a man, and that is a strong work ethic. Because I learned to work hard, I soon realized that my work became a source of self-worth, or self-confidence. I found myself working 80-90 hours a week with a wife and 3 small children at home.

Not having any other options in my life but to “work hard”; I thought I was on the right track. With much doubt where our financial future was headed, Annie got the phone call. It was then we were introduced to the Team. I got really excited about the financial opportunity that the Team and eventually the LIFE Business had to offer! Working through all the skepticism, the questions, and a wife that was not excited about pursuing anything more, I seen a great opportunity to get us out of the financial trap that I was in. Thanks to Kevin Cobb, he was a great turning point in my life because he met me where I was at, not only by helping me in my finances, but also giving me the information in the 8 F’s. He also introduced me to the association where I learned the most valuable thing in my life! Define, Learn, Do!

  I did not realize that by simply defining what I want my life to look like, (in the 8F’s) learning from someone or a proven system that has fruit on the tree, and then doing what they did, that I would then start to see things change in my life. I would then have the successes that I was looking for.

  This is where I would like to thank my personal Life Coach and mentor, Mark Haas for his example and having done what is required to have results and the fruit on the tree to learn from. Also, Orrin and Laurie Woodward, and Chris and Terri Brady for developing the world’s best proven business information system. This system has helped me to grow in my family life, leadership skills, character, and relationships.

Ultimately I want to thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for his love, grace, and mercy! God Bless!

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The Life Testimony of Angelica Dames

Posted by angelicad on 22nd December 2011

 How One woman Learned so much from LIFE and the Proper association.

Annie 300x264 The Life Testimony of Angelica Dames

Annie Dames

When I look at myself today, I sometimes wonder how in the world did I get here? If you could have seen me five years ago, you would completely understand what I mean. How did an extremely shy and insecure girl get involved in a people business, of all things, and actually see some results? I’m not talking financial results, we have seen those as well, but more importantly internal results.

  When I was younger I was very shy, so shy that my mom did everything she could think of to help me break out of my shell. It was the first day of school in fourth grade, and my teacher was doing roll call. When she came to my name she mis-pronounced it, being a Spanish name, it happens quite often. Instead of just speaking up and telling her it was wrong, I just allowed her to call me by the wrong name, and for the next five years (yes, FIVE years) my friends and teachers were still calling me by this mis-pronunciation of my name!! It drove my mother crazy, and she couldn’t understand why I wouldn’t correct everyone. You’re probably thinking the same thing! I was so shy that I would rather be called the wrong name than speak up in class and correct her!

I tell you that because sometimes you see someone in this LIFE business, and you see the finished product. You see them all polished and think they have it all figured out, and that they have never had struggles.  I certainly thought that when looking at all of the leading ladies. I remember thinking there is no way I would ever be able to get enough courage to speak on stage. There is no way this information can give me the confidence of a Laurie Woodward, or the grace of a Terri Brady. I thought only a certain type of person could make it in this business. I didn’t realize that i could become that type of leading lady through reading, growing, and implementing the information.

I am so thankful for people like Mark and Rita Haas and Kevin and Emily Cobb who saw something in me that I was too blind to see in myself! Sometimes you have to go on someone else’s belief for awhile until you can gain it yourself!
  Of all the blessings I have gained from being a part of Team, the one that I treasure the most is my relationship with Christ. I never would have dreamed that through this I would find Christ and ask him into my life. To see my husband take control and be the spiritual leader in our home has been amazing, and because of that, my children are so hungry to learn.

  I look at my relationship with Josh, and although we thought our marriage was good, and it was, I never imagined it could be great!  With great books like A Woman After Gods Own Heart, Love and Respect, For Women Only, and The Five Love Languages, I was able to learn how to be a Godly wife and give him the respect he deserves. Not only did I learn the information, but I had amazing examples in Rita and Terri to help me along the way.
  It makes me cringe to think about where we would be right now, had it not been for those two amazing strangers coming into our lives! We are eternally grateful, and consider it an honor to be a part of this amazing journey called LIFE!  God Bless!

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