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TEAM MAXIMUS LIFE with Orrin Woodward

Learning Leadership from LIFE, Orrin and TEAM

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How one man’s business exceled by following Orrin Woodward’s and The TEAM’s Philosophy for LIFE

Posted by Mark Haas Jr on October 18th, 2011

Can Growing yourself, grow your business? Read on……


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4 Responses to “How one man’s business exceled by following Orrin Woodward’s and The TEAM’s Philosophy for LIFE”

  1. Mark Haas Says:

    This is a great example of LIFE changing Lives!

  2. Wes Smith Says:

    Scott,that is so true. Before Team I didn’t know what true courage was. In this day and age people seek a false sense of security and let their longing for freedom die. We have been blessed y association with people like yourself, Angie, Mark, Rita, Josh and Annie. The Team leaders stand for courage in the face of cowardice, critics, and a crumbling society lacking moral absolutes. Thank you for what you and the Team leadership of Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady have sacrificed to give me and my wife a chance to preserve freedom for our children.

  3. Mark Haas Jr Says:

    Mark, thanks for putting up the link to the pdf about Bob Qullen. I noticed that over on there is a lengthy post that also discusses how Bob Quillen has had tremendous success working with the leadership insights of Orrin Woodward, TEAM and implementing LIFE principles for his employees….check it out.

  4. Fronick Says:

    LIFE is the vehicle for excellence in all eight F’s! Leadership education was missing from our academic, personal, and professional lives until we subscribed to LIFE! Thank you, Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady!

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