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A business meeting on the back of a pick up truck changes one family’s financial future in several short years – THIS IS A MUST READ!

Posted by Mark Haas Jr on October 7th, 2011

Is the world leading you astray?  Can you get new information, mentorship and leaderships skills for a LIFE purpose?

I was in a worldly paradigm and deep down knew something was not right.  Many people have this mindset; unfortunately their associations prevent them from gaining the courage to act or the wisdom to grow.  There has to be a solution for this gut feeling…

Seeing my parents divorce when I was 15 was an awakening.  I repeatedly said I would not have a girlfriend or get married because in my mind having a girlfriend ultimately led to a broken relationship and hatred.  However, deep down though something did not feel right.  There had to be a solution for this gut feeling…

I used to go out into my workshop and build things nightly to escape the daily grind.  One day I decided to turn my passion of woodworking into a business.  Over time I ended up with a gut feeling that the craft remain a hobby.  There had to be a solution for this gut feeling…

I would hang out with peers on a Friday night at local establishments and discuss superficial topics such as sports, women, and gossip.  I had this gut feeling that my time should be used more productively.  There had to be a solution for this gut feeling…

My wife gave me a bible 11 years ago.  I opened it only once from that time 8 years forward, primarily due to association and lack of purpose.  Then one of my good friends Brandon Brazier courageously stepped out on faith and showed me a business plan for personal growth on the back of a pickup truck.  Sounds strange doesn’t it?  He told me about Orrin Woodward and his leadership organization called the Team and Now what is being called Life.  Over the past several years I have been reading scripture, have found Christ, am developing my purpose and striving to be the best example of a Christian Husband, Father, Brother, Son, and Friend.  LIFE is the solution for this gut feeling…

Understanding my purpose has developed confidence.  When this passion was combined with a dream, hope began to fuel my desire to grow and develop.  A hunger to lead overthrew logic; my elephant began to steer the ant reframing the “self” perspective.  I can really notice a difference looking back over the past 6-9 months.

When somebody goes out and serves (1 Cor 2:4) their paradigm can only be transformed in a positive way.  Seeing friends who were originally negative and are now your best friends in this business, seeing a marriage destined for failure turn around over a 6 month period, seeing people edify you for your efforts/sacrifice; all these are wonderful examples of what the dear Lord has blessed me with through the LIFE business.  Here is the video of My wife retiring from her Job to be able to be a stay at home mom with our son Austin.  This would never have been possible with out the TEAM, Orrrin Woodward, Mark Haas, and the Leadership Skills we Learned from them.  It has changed out LIFE!

10%25252010%25253A17%25253A25%252520PM A business meeting on the back of a pick up truck changes one family’s financial future in several short years – THIS IS A MUST READ!
From Sarah Fronick Retires Fall 2010

Will you let your gut feeling plot its course for your life or are you courageous to live LIFE?

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Written by Ryan Fronick For Posting on TEAM MAXIMUS LIFE BLOG

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6 Responses to “A business meeting on the back of a pick up truck changes one family’s financial future in several short years – THIS IS A MUST READ!”

  1. Hilary Dorr Says:

    We are so proud of Sarah and Ryan for doing what it takes to get her home! We are so thankful to know Mark and Rita and for their leadership skills. I can’t wait to help get more people home with their kids. Thank you team, life and Orrin Woodward

  2. Jonny Nolan Says:

    TEAM and LIFE are making a difference in so many lives!!! Thank-you Mark and Rita for all that you do! You are truly an example of what servant leaders should be.

  3. Mark Haas, Jr Says:

    Yes, I am thankful for the leadership skills I have learned from Orrin Woodward and chris Brady. They have bleased us all and Rita and I are thankful for you and Angela

  4. Dawn Griffin (@MrsDawnGriffin) Says:

    I absolutely love this story and I love The Team! I am so blessed to be a part of what Orrin Woodward, Chris Brady and The Team is doing in our LIFE. Thank you Mark and Rita for all that you do!

  5. Fronick Says:

    I am blessed to be married to this courageous man! He proclaimed to me for years, “There’s got to be a better way!” I knew he would not rest until he found it, and he did, thanks to Brandon and Kristina. Thanks to his humble eagerness to learn, grow and mentor, I am now the main influence in our son’s life, because I don’t have a job, and Ryan is the spiritual leader of our home! There is no limit to the success you can achieve with the Team and LIFE!

  6. Cindy Redburn Says:

    The best thing about this story, “It’s duplicatable! That’s the great thing about this business, it has a system that works on the idea that anyone following the system can duplicate the results, how awesome is that?

    Looking forward to helping Ryan celebrate his “retirement”!

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