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What You Don’t Know About LIFE Will Hurt You!

Posted by Ryan & Sarah Fronick on 22nd June 2012

Sarah1 What You Don’t Know About LIFE Will Hurt You!Raised on a farm, I am blessed to have parents who taught me the value of education and respecting an earned dollar through hard work.  I was always a serious student, and I learned how to get good grades, but what I enjoyed most were the leadership roles I had in student council, colorguard, and other organizations.  Learning how to inspire and serve others was exhilarating as we worked together toward our goals.  This is where I felt the most alive.  I had a strong desire to change the world, and I thought becoming a lawyer might be the answer.  

After a series of seemingly random events, I decided to go to Kansas State University to pursue a double major in Architecture and Architectural Engineering.  My advisor told me this seven-year dual-degree program was a combination of the most time-consuming degree and the second-most difficult degree.  Being choleric, I smugly accepted the challenge.  I made that decision at 17 years old, and I never looked back no matter how many people advised me otherwise over those seven years.  One of those people was my mom, who half-way through this program sent me a letter.  She added up all the years I had left until I had both licenses, and told me how old I would be.  She then asked me if I had considered how a marriage and family would fit into my plan.  I didn’t know.  I was so career-driven, that it hadn’t occurred to me the sacrifices I was blindly making in other areas of my life.  It would be several more years before I would realize this for myself.

The greatest blessing during college was meeting Ryan.  I immediately knew he was the one for me, though I didn’t think I deserved him.  He graduated before me, so we had a long-distance relationship for three years, and then the next year, I lived in Houston for a healthcare architecture fellowship.  The next year, we were married and decided to make St. Louis our home.  I got a great job at a well-known architecture firm and continued working in healthcare.  This was a very promising career track for me professionally, but it required a lot of travel and overtime. 

After a few years of this lifestyle, it finally began to occur to me that I wanted more than just a successful career, thanks to my husband’s leadership.  He saw more for us than what was defined by the lifestyle of two architects.  He began to dream about where and how we would live if we could choose.  I was reluctant to dream-build with him, because I didn’t know how we would put food on the table.  He said he didn’t know, but we would figure it out, and he started trying.  We explored options in real estate, inventions, and self-employed business ventures, to no avail.  We now know that the reason those weren’t successful, is because we were relying on information we already knew to make them work.  We didn’t know what we didn’t know, and it was hurting us.  

It wasn’t until we were reacquainted with my hometown friends, Brandon & Kristina Brazier, that we learned the answers lie in new information from people who have what we want in LIFE. Brandon showed Ryan the plan for the Team opportunity after he realized how dissatisfied we were in the rat race of corporate America.  Ryan tried to explain it to me, and I didn’t get it, but I trusted Brandon and Ryan’s judgment.  We went to a monthly seminar, and the rest is history.  We didn’t understand much about the business, but we knew that these were people who had what we wanted and they were willing to help us.  We saw how applicable this information could be in our personal and professional lives.  Being around the people in LIFE awoke in me the same exhilaration I had in high school leadership roles, mostly the love of learning how to truly make a difference.

Being career-driven, I had some things to learn from LIFE.  I didn’t know it was possible to earn my freedom and live my priorities instead of my obligations.  I didn’t know I could earn a living without having to separate how the Bible says I’m supposed to live my life.  I didn’t know the joy of making an eternal difference in other people’s lives by helping them with their marriage, parenting, faith, or finances.  I didn’t know how desperately this country needs freedom restored, and that I can help.  I didn’t know that retirement has nothing to do with age.  I didn’t know my purpose-the thrill of pursuing God’s definition of a woman of excellence.  I didn’t know how to be a wife of excellence.  I didn’t know the peace that comes from my husband being the spiritual leader of our home.  I didn’t know that being a mom is the most rewarding, challenging, fulfilling and significant career I could ever have, and thanks to our results in LIFE, I now have job security as a full-time mom!

My dream to change the world is coming true thanks to the LIFE business that Chris Brady & Orrin Woodward have designed and implemented.  We are grateful to the Braziers for introducing us to the Team’s systematic approach to a better LIFE, and for the coaching of Chris & Marcia Robinson and mentoring of Mark & Rita Haas in the areas of Faith, Family, Finances, Freedom, Following, Fitness, Fun and Friends.  Do yourself, your friends, and your family a favor and find out what you don’t know about LIFE!  Your legacy depends on it.

 What didn’t you know about LIFE that has impacted your legacy?  Please share and post to FB.

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The Life Testimony of Angelica Dames

Posted by angelicad on 22nd December 2011

 How One woman Learned so much from LIFE and the Proper association.

Annie 300x264 The Life Testimony of Angelica Dames

Annie Dames

When I look at myself today, I sometimes wonder how in the world did I get here? If you could have seen me five years ago, you would completely understand what I mean. How did an extremely shy and insecure girl get involved in a people business, of all things, and actually see some results? I’m not talking financial results, we have seen those as well, but more importantly internal results.

  When I was younger I was very shy, so shy that my mom did everything she could think of to help me break out of my shell. It was the first day of school in fourth grade, and my teacher was doing roll call. When she came to my name she mis-pronounced it, being a Spanish name, it happens quite often. Instead of just speaking up and telling her it was wrong, I just allowed her to call me by the wrong name, and for the next five years (yes, FIVE years) my friends and teachers were still calling me by this mis-pronunciation of my name!! It drove my mother crazy, and she couldn’t understand why I wouldn’t correct everyone. You’re probably thinking the same thing! I was so shy that I would rather be called the wrong name than speak up in class and correct her!

I tell you that because sometimes you see someone in this LIFE business, and you see the finished product. You see them all polished and think they have it all figured out, and that they have never had struggles.  I certainly thought that when looking at all of the leading ladies. I remember thinking there is no way I would ever be able to get enough courage to speak on stage. There is no way this information can give me the confidence of a Laurie Woodward, or the grace of a Terri Brady. I thought only a certain type of person could make it in this business. I didn’t realize that i could become that type of leading lady through reading, growing, and implementing the information.

I am so thankful for people like Mark and Rita Haas and Kevin and Emily Cobb who saw something in me that I was too blind to see in myself! Sometimes you have to go on someone else’s belief for awhile until you can gain it yourself!
  Of all the blessings I have gained from being a part of Team, the one that I treasure the most is my relationship with Christ. I never would have dreamed that through this I would find Christ and ask him into my life. To see my husband take control and be the spiritual leader in our home has been amazing, and because of that, my children are so hungry to learn.

  I look at my relationship with Josh, and although we thought our marriage was good, and it was, I never imagined it could be great!  With great books like A Woman After Gods Own Heart, Love and Respect, For Women Only, and The Five Love Languages, I was able to learn how to be a Godly wife and give him the respect he deserves. Not only did I learn the information, but I had amazing examples in Rita and Terri to help me along the way.
  It makes me cringe to think about where we would be right now, had it not been for those two amazing strangers coming into our lives! We are eternally grateful, and consider it an honor to be a part of this amazing journey called LIFE!  God Bless!

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Scott Ballah – LIFE Tesitmony

Posted by Scott Ballah on 21st December 2011

 A Man learns systematic Success from LIFE and its mentors!

Camera Pictures 1321 225x300 Scott Ballah   LIFE Tesitmony

Scott & Angie Ballah

I always had great examples to follow in the area of hard work which is required to achieve success in anything. It was only after being introduced to the Team system and our future mentors Mark and Rita Haas that I realized I had found a cure for the “pain” I had endured as an engineer. Chris Brady, Orrin Woodward, and Mark Haas taught me that hard work alone will just make a person tired. Hard work coupled with a system and the correct information is the true key to success.

I can remember sitting at my desk during work hours and being extremely frustrated about our financial situation and not having a way to be free to make my own choices. People would always tell me “you must be doing very well since you’re an engineer and your wife is a nurse”. Little did they know we were drowning in debt and having to spend more time away from each other and our twins at the time.

The first night I was introduced to the Team business system and what eventually became THE LIFE BUSINESS, I was extremely excited!! All of the dreams I had when I was in college that I thought would be provided through getting an engineering degree were awakened. At first, I only saw the financial benefit of the Team system and LIFE business. I have learned and applied so much about each of the 8 F’s of LIFE (Faith, Family, Finance, Fitness, Fun, Friends, Freedom, Following).

Our marriage and finances were a wreck. I didn’t have much of a spiritual background or foundation. Leadership was not in my vocabulary and I didn’t understand the importance of keeping our freedom (personal and national). I had plenty of friends and fun usually involving 12 ounce arm curls (the results of which were stated in the first sentence).

I am eternally grateful to the Haas’ and the Brady’s for steering me out of that train wreck through their mentorship and the books and CD’s in the LIFE business. Our marriage is amazing (twins plus 3 more)!! We have been able to get out of debt, pay cash for vehicles, help some family members financially, raise our children in a Christian home, have more friends and fun and find a purpose that will affect generations to come. LIFE will never be the same and I’m fired up about that!!!

In Christ,
“In a man’s heart, he plans his course but the Lord directs his steps.” Proverbs 16:9

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Hey Mister, What’s Your Dream?

Posted by Ryan & Sarah Fronick on 20th December 2011

2011 0508 043 300x225 Hey Mister, Whats Your Dream?Orrin Woodward’s RESOLVED 13 Resolutions for LIFE book states, “It’s only with a mind that understands, a heart that generates passion, and a disciplined will to follow through, that change is generated inside a person.”  The following is an amazing testimony of a couple who has united their mind, heart, and will towards achieving their dreams.  

“Welcome to Hollywood!  Everybody has a dream!  What’s your dream?  What’s your dream?  Hey mister, What’s your dream?”  As the opening line to Pretty Woman (one of my favorite movies) points out, we all have dreams.  Usually dreams don’t come true without sacrifice.  Sacrifice can be defined as short term loss in return for a greater power gain.  Sacrifice in the oldest records was that of human lives and animals.  The more valuable the offering, generally, the more highly the sacrifice is regarded but the more difficult to make. 

When my dream was to become an Architect, I had to leave my family and friends to go to college.  I am very shy, so this was difficult for me.  Growing up I was taught to go after what I wanted and I could do anything.  My parents wanted a better future for me than what they had.  When I was very young, they owned a health foods store.  At some point the store was not doing well, and their finances went south.  They lost their store and the house.  I was too young to understand what was happening.  They pushed on and on to provide for my sister and I, making sacrifices along the way that mine can’t even compare to.

A dream I always had growing up was to have a family.  Ryan and I met during college.  A year after I graduated we got married, we got a house, then we got a dog and a cat all within the same year.  We both had good jobs, we worked on our house, and we enjoyed playing tennis.  Five years later we had a beautiful baby girl.  A lot of people asked me if I would stay home or go back to work. It wasn’t something I really considered because I just figured I would go back to work.  How would we make it on 1 income? What kind of sacrifices would we have to make on 1 income?  What would people think of me if I “quit” on my dream of becoming an Architect? 

So, I went back to work full time.  I was juggling home, family, work and trying to become an Architect by taking 7 exams.  At this time (about 3 years ago) we were approached with TEAM by our good friends Ryan & Sarah.  They asked me if I wanted to be a stay at home mom.  I quickly answered “no”.  I thought, “what are they talking about?  How am I supposed to be an Architect if I stay at home?”  We declined what they were offering.

A few years later we had another beautiful baby girl.  I honestly considered staying at home this time.  With the cost of daycare and rising gas prices, I questioned if it really made sense for me to continue to work.  Plus, by now my dream of becoming an Architect had been put on the back burner.  However, I went back to work full time again juggling everything.  Since then, I feel like a chicken running around with my head cut off!  We rush to get out the door in the morning, I rush around at work to get as much as possible done so that I don’t have to work any over time, I rush to pick the girls up at daycare, we rush to get dinner on the table, and we rush to get them to bed.  This is our daily routine.  I started to think “I’m going to have a heart attack before they even graduate from high school.”

This stressful busy life that society says makes us successful is just unhealthy.  The worst part is that our only family time is on the weekends.  We also started to go backwards in our finances.  All of this was affecting our relationships.  Ryan and I became short with each other, with our girls, and our patience was always running thin.

What a perfect time for Ryan and Sarah to re-approach us about LIFE!  I was interested, but wasn’t sure we could make it work.  Ryan & Sarah told me I would have to make sacrifices.  I thought “why should I have to make sacrifices?”  They were gracious enough to accept me where I was.  Fortunately we don’t have to offer the lives of our kids or animals to become part of LIFE!  I could tell my husband Ryan wanted this, so I agreed.  I would hear people on CD’s talk about living your priorities.  I realized how backwards my thinking had become.  If my family was my priority, why wasn’t I making it my priority?  We did need to change. 

My new dream is to be a stay at home mom.  I have to make sacrifices, but they are worth it.  Believe in your dreams.  Thank you Ryan & Sarah Fronick, Brandon & Kristina Brazier, and Chris & Marcia Robinson for believing in us!

Please share your LIFE “Dreams and Sacrifices” story and post to FB.

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Chris Robinson-Testimony of LIFE

Posted by Mark Haas Jr on 6th December 2011

ChrisRobinson Chris Robinson Testimony of LIFE

Chris Robinson

When they say the phrase “you don’t know what you don’t know,” that was me.  There are so many things that I thought I knew that I really didn’t know.    It’s amazing as you listen to other people’s experiences in LIFE and you see how they struggled just like you did, it gives you a sigh of hope.  With that hope, it gave me a desire to ask more questions, and I listened more.  As I dug deeper into the information, I really started to learn principles of success that I never heard before.  I was always taught to work hard, but was never taught the principles of how to win in life.  I was always surrounded with working and working and working.  What a great feeling it is to be on a journey of personal growth-to grow in all areas of my LIFE! 

To learn so much in these areas as far as being a husband, a father, a friend, a servant to others, and not to judge.  The three A’s- Accept, Approve and Appreciate-taught me how to love people for who they are.  As I’m on this journey, I see the ripple effect that is caused by each of us being willing to change.  In my personal life, I see how my willingness to change has impacted the lives of my children as well as good friends and others I have met along this journey.  There’s no turning back.  The better “me” lies just ahead, and I’m committed to learning what I don’t know.

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How A Christian man found the ability to influence others.

Posted by Mark Haas Jr on 6th December 2011

schulz charles peanuts lead don t follow 150x150 How A Christian man found the ability to influence others.Because of Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady, my wife, Rebecca, and I have had the privilege to be a part of the greatest Team building community on the planet called LIFE!! for the past four and a half years. I can’t begin to explain the thankfulness for the blessings that we’ve have received from mentors in my life like Mark and Rita Haas, Josh and Anny Dames  and a wonderful self directed education that has helped tremendously in my life. You see I have had a deep grounded faith in Jesus Christ most of my life. I would pray and think about ways that I would be able to lead and influence people to the faith that has changed my life.

I would share my faith with people that I didn’t even know and even though I had good motives, at times I would feel frustrated with the fact that I was not able to make a significant difference in there lives an influence them in the faith that had greatly effected my life. I knew that God had placed certain gifts in me but was not sure how to effectively be able to use them. What really happened is that I started to work in a career in the construction industry that started out as really just a means to be able to work until I was able to do the thing that I was called to do.

I was not a stranger to hard work because my family had brought me up that way, providing a great example in my life. I soon later met my wonderful wife Becca and bought a house and had our first kid (Nolan). With having a family came the greatest rewards in life, however I did find myself working more hours to provide for my family, more time away from the people that I loved and definitely had a hard time finding time to a calling. 

I knew that God had placed me in a wonderful position and had blessed me with an amazing family but I still had such a desire to make an impact in the world while he had put me here. It wasn’t but a couple of years later that my brother had introduced me to a leadership development engine called TEAM.  TEAM gave me new insight that there was a better way to live life, and that I did’t have to stay in the rat race like everyone else. But, more importantly, I was able to gain mentors in life that showed me how I to truly lead community of people by gaining influence in the eight F’s of LIFE! I started to learn and grow in my leadership an through an amazing system of information and I started making a difference in more peoples life than I could never have imagined.

I didn’t know it but at the time when I had been introduced to LIFE, God was giving me the tools to fulfill my calling, to make a difference in my family, and to become the person I was created to be. What I learned is that the information that you receive and apply will determine actions, your actions will determine your habits and your habits will determine your results. Unfortunately most of the information that was being taught to me by the world had helped me get in to the position that I was in. 

What I now realize through the LIFE Business, is that if I wanted to get different results I should learn from those most qualified to teach me (hence, someone who has fruit on the tree). That in of itself is what the team has provided in my life. So I can’t begin to put into words what a true blessing the LIFE business has been for my family.

Thank you Chris and Orrin for Serving and developing The Life Business with such Godly intentions

God Bless

Jason Dames

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LIFE’s Rewards Outweigh the Risk

Posted by Ryan & Sarah Fronick on 24th November 2011

LIFEriskReward1 LIFEs Rewards Outweigh the RiskAfter reading the following paragraphs of Orrin Woodward’s recent blog post entitled “LIFE: Downside Risk & Upside Reward”, I thought back to the first time Sarah and I were introduced to the networking profession.  

“So what is the downside risk in this model? Hmm, let me think. . . The downside risk is that you might not enjoy the leadership training from two best selling leadership authors and business partners. If at any time you do not see the value in the leadership materials, you have a 30 day “no questions asked” return policy. Certainly within 30 days, you could discover whether the leadership materials is helping you or not, right? 

The downside risk is negligible. But what about the upside reward? With a compensation plan that pays out 70% revenue points to anyone who achieves a minimum of 150 points of business, the networking game is changed forever.” 

As our great friends Brandon & Kristina Brazier shared the information, our thought process was:  “So you are telling me that we are going to subscribe to great principle-based leadership information from people with fruit on the tree (as opposed to those with only an opinion), associate with positive people who genuinely have a vested interest in helping others (as opposed to those who focus only on themselves), and have an opportunity to create a pipeline income over time (instead of the 45 year plan)?  There is no commitment and I can vote with my wallet?  As Orrin says, this became an IQ test.  Sign me up! 

Because we “took the downside risk” our lives have changed dramatically in each of the 8Fs in a positive way.  I would like to thank my amazing (graceful) wife Sarah, an awesome team of Rascals, our coaches Chris & Marcia Robinson, our mentors Mark & Rita Haas, along with Chris & Teri Brady, Orrin & Laurie Woodward and the LIFE founders for having the vision and hunger to make a positive impact in this world by first growing themselves and then helping others grow – to a million and beyond!

Please share your LIFE  ”downside risk & upside reward “ story and post to FB.

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What happened when a 19 Year Old Father Got a LIFE Call?

Posted by Chris & Hilary on 21st November 2011

IMAGE BC012974 A6B7 4398 A925 25CD86C39FDC 300x225 What happened when a 19 Year Old Father Got a LIFE Call?

Joe, Tori, and Lilian Blackburn

The TEAM and it’s Business called LIFE (founders #12 and #7 Leadership experts Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady, respectively) make all the difference for so many people by getting them the correct information and association.

Here is a testimony of TEAM LIFE from a great student on our team that we just had to share. A contacting session at a Major Leadership convention, led us to a gentleman who introduced us to Joe and Tori Blackburn and their daughter Lilian. Hilary and I have been so proud of these guys and how they have been open to change and an opportunity to impact their lives forever. A dream to provide for his family and a supportive wife, drove a hunger to learn that has advanced this young couple to dig in and find an opportunity for victory in a world that is full of seemingly insurmountable obstacles. They truly have a can do attitude.

One example is as Joe comments on, his solution to overcoming a financial obstacle to participate in the training system, was to quit smoking cold turkey. The simple solution was to shut off cable, but at that time that would have affected the rest of his family. So the one thing that he could control was a habit that was standing in the way of allowing him the opportunity for victory.


There is no doubt in my mind that these guys will find victory in TEAM LIFE. Only being involved a short time, they are already on track to hit first time go getter for the Dec 10th seminar. I hope this touches your heart like these guys have for Hilary and I. We all have a “Dream, Struggle, Victory” story inside us that is just waiting for a “YES TO LIFE” to awaken the true leader inside of us. Enjoy and God Bless!!!!! Here is a bit of Joe’s testimony in an email to me:

” Hey buddy I’m going to call you tonight and ask you about three C’s and I have 8 F’s and some guy just retired. ( Next day) ” Hey i forgot to call you last night but i want you to come to my house tonight. I’ve got some guys coming over and i will let you talk to one and you can get a free book and some CDs like me.”

Never in a million years did i think that would be the beginning of a huge turning point in my life. I am so glad that I decided to go that night and that my friendship was strong enough to “take a look.”

Due to the information I got that night and some good people who were interested in my needs for some strange reason, I’ve experienced change, Not in clothing or cars, but a change in views, a change in direction, and a change in heart. I have detected a purpose, discovered strengths, grown, learned, smiled, cried, dreamed, struggled, and even won! And because of the sanguine I am, I woke up the next day and did it again. Its amazing the results that come out of life when you can put in a system of information that the TEAM/LIFE has.

The truths told are undeniable. Such as:
1)  What a true leader is and what it means to lead your household.
2)  I realized that me working hard was great but not when my ladder was leaning against the wrong wall. So I’ve gone from poor to broke,
3)  I’ve become a former smoker,
4)  and a follower of all who truly have fruit on the tree.    
5)  This information and the team has been a humbling beginning on the start of this journey because I now truly appreciated life in ways I did not before.
6)  Instead of smoking, I save,
7)  Instead of T.V .I  read,
8)  Instead of radio, I learn and grow
9)  Instead of playing, I perform. 
10)  I’ve recently been promoted in work because of the personal development I have received through the training system. 
11)  I have a lifelong obligation to get this into as many homes as possible. 
12)  The quality time spent with a T.V. is now spent with my daughter and wife.
13)  The money that was wasted is now invested.
14)  The desires that were dreams are now a mere future…and what was once lost is now found.   

I am so thankful for the TEAM and LIFE and Orrin and Laurie Woodward, Chris and Terri Brady and so many more. And I invite everyone to go get your dreams. Jump on this opportunity. Believe in yourself and Don’t Give Up! We were meant for something more! I believe we were meant for a million more! This is your life. Make it count!       God Bless!
Please share and Like on FB ect and leave comments about this fine and courageous family!

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