Bolt by BOLT, Beam by BEAM

IMG 4823 e1390632324515 225x300 Bolt by BOLT, Beam by BEAMEarlier tonight after getting home from showing the plan with some awesome team mates, I blocked out several hours of “being there when I’m there” time with my son Austin.  Recently, Sarah & I gave him a Construx set, the set I had growing up.  For any of you in your thirties, you might remember this toy, very similar to an erector set.  I can remember when I was little fabricating trucks, cranes, airplanes, monsters, tanks, wherever my imagination took me.  As I sat there reminiscing about my childhood, my son asked me if I wanted to “build something.”  We began the process of assembling the beam and bolt pieces.  Austin asked, “Daddy, what are you doing” as I assembled the base.  I told him that we have to have a solid foundation so the crane does not tip over.  He gave me a puzzled look.  Beam by beam, bolt by bolt, the tower started to form.  His belief grew seeing the form taking shape.  As the frame got taller than him, he had a smile from ear to ear.  He began to ask questions like “Daddy, what is that piece for” & “How do I put this piece together?”  Hope was flowing from his face because he “PICTURED IT.”  At this moment he asked if he could help to build the crane.  His buy in allowed us to work together and construct the upper framework a lot faster than on my efforts alone.  Once completed, Austin played with the newly formed construction equipment for an hour, turning the cogs, lifting items with the hook, and turning the tower crane round & round. 

Reflecting back on this awesome experience I realized I was teaching Austin about the dream struggle & victory principles specifically related to the LIFE Business.  It is awesome to see a new member start to read, listen and associate.  This creates the solid foundation or the base to which hope & belief increase.  Bolt by bolt, beam by beam, the leaders on TEAM MAXIMUS lead by example.  By serving the new person a willingness to learn and ask questions occurs.  A final image of the tower crane (or the case of this business – A reason WHY) become more vivid for the apprentice.  A lifelong high trust friendship takes root and the project draws one step closer to completion. 

I am very blessed to be a small cog in the growth throughout The TEAM MAXIMUS LIFE community this week.  The recognition, teaching videos, plans that were booked, the lives that have been/will be impacted by this information, the steadfast leadership of Mark & Rita Haas, and the opportunity to get around Orrin Woodward next Tuesday are all leverage points we have in our dream tool belt.  Find your tower crane moment and commit to building it bolt by bolt, beam by beam!  God Bless…

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Association in the LIFE business – A Necessary piece of Community

life Association in the LIFE business   A Necessary piece of CommunitySeveral times a year people come from all over the country to participate in the LIFE business‘ major leadership conference. Certainly, we come to hear Orrin Woodward, Chris Brady and all the PC inspire and teach us. But more than that, we come to leverage something that just can’t be described without being there…belief!  No one can achieve what they do not believe. This past weekend was one of the best for helping people with their belief.  There’s nothing like getting the community together.  No other event can demonstrate the significance of the impact in the lives of individual life members. I can’t thank Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady and all of the policy counsel members enough. There are many volunteers who give their time, these events are not easy to put on. They each require over a year ahead of time in planning. But it is so worth it.  There were so many people getting recognized.  You cant argue with results.

As individuals we each lack belief and everybody longs to be a part of something these days. It’s inherently built into us as human beings. We want to belong and we want to believe so we can achieve. We want to belong to something that makes a difference. When I meet people and talk about the life business, I love to share my experience and my passion. Many times I am able to do so. However, I pale as to how much difference I can make as an individual by comparison with an event of the magnitude of the life major leadership seminars.

Ryan and Sarah Fronick on our team are some fantastic leaders. They are loyal, hard-working, great students, and most of all they are selfless servants. It’s been a couple years now that Sarah has been able to be a stay-at-home mom, partly due to the financial principles they have learned from life and partly due to the income.  It would be easy for Sarah to just pull up the draw bridge and enjoy her freedom.  However, the Fronicks are the “pay it forward” kind of people.  I can think of only a few couples as on track as the Fronicks with everything the LIFE business teaches and has the offer. Being great servants, they realize the importance in investing in relationships in order to deserve influence. This past weekend investing in one of the relationships has made all the difference in one particular couple, Jeff and Laura, Crabiel. On the way home from the event here is what Laura had to say.

IMG 4915 225x300 Association in the LIFE business   A Necessary piece of Community“Hey Superstars!!! I’m still so fired up! Jeff and i spent the whole ride home yesterday listening to cds. We listened to 3 and got half way through a 4th. Since arriving home i have spent alot of time recapping, reflecting, reading through my notes, and most importantly talking to God. Ultimately, this weekend was an awakening for me. It restored my faith in God, and in my God given abilities that the world has so consistently chiseled away at over the years. Its an amazing feeling to be in an arena with thousands of other ppl and not once feel small or jealous or envious, or “not good enough”. I had never felt the level of acceptance and peace that I felt this weekend. I know this is because LIFE is the TRUTH and through a lot of divine intervention, and appointments, God has finally revealed to me my purpose. Thank you Ryan and Sarah. For listening to God and his calling for your lives. For allowing him to use you as tools to lead others to the truth. For believing in us, and staying consistent, and patient with us. We love you guys and look forward to being PC with u real soon! icon wink Association in the LIFE business   A Necessary piece of Community

As wonderful as leaders that Ryan and Sarah Frank are, there’s no way as individuals, they could have made the impact in Jeff and Laura’s life that could come close to matching the impact the life major seminar environment does.  Ryan and Sarah know the importance of getting people to these events.  Congrats to them for investing in their Team to create a culture of attending these events.  They are not convenient for anyone, but they are worth it.  Congratulations to Laura, Jeff and all those who attended past weekend and those who will attend the others this coming weekend. Truly will make a difference in our country as we stick together.  UNITED WE STAND!

Again, I’m so thankful to all of the policy counsel members, especially the newest Wayne and Raylene McNamara who make events like this possible. They are a vital component to allowing us to build communities that we are not good enough to build on our own.

Locally in St. Louis, and all around the country our next seminar is February 9, who will you have there. Who will be sending you a text or an email thanking you. Getting people to events is a necessary part of what makes the community aspect of the LIFE business work!

God Bless

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How to Create a Culture of Hunger to Learn – The Life Business

kids eating books How to Create a Culture of Hunger to Learn   The Life BusinessMy mentors and founders of The Life Business, Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady, have been a prime example of leaders who have “Created a Hunger to Learn.” The Life Business is all about learning the right information.  But simply getting the information is not a recipe for learning it. Orrin and Chris have created a “Learning culture.”

I recently read a Quote by Jim Collins, the author of “Good to great.”  Yes, you can find this book on the LIFE website.  One of the principles he teaches and has discovered about great companies is that they “Create a Learning culture.”  Here is the quote,

“How would your day be different if you organized your time, energy, and resources primarily around the objective of learning, instead of around performance? For many people, their daily activities—what they do and how they go about doing it—would be dramatically changed. Indeed, despite all the buzz around the concept of the “learning organization,” I’m struck by how few people seem to have embraced the idea of being a true learning person.”

I recommend, if you haven’t read AND STUDIED the first night book, do so. Start your “Culture of Learning.”  Next read the “Magic of Thinking Big”, and continue by making your way through the top five books.  Then put “The Cashflow Quadrant” and for further study “The E-myth” by Michael Gerber on your list.  All books you will find on the LIFE website.  A pace of 1-2 books a month is 15-30 minutes a day. It is a good pace for a beginner. Add one more a month and you’re in the professional category.  When it comes to listening to cds, it’s 2-3 a day at least for a professional.   Of course who wouldn’t want to join a Team lead by a professional?  As much as we love all people who join the LIFE business, duplicating a TEAM of professionals is more rewarding than duplicating a TEAM of beginners.

Continue creating that “Culture of Learning” by, becoming an owner and an expert of the TEAM Packs 1-10.  All Team building Cds and packs, you will find on the TEAM website.  Create a hunger in your TEAM for the information that is in them.  Do this by reading and listening, a lot!  Don’t use TIME as an excuse.  Chapter 2 in the “Magic of Thinking Big” deals with excuseitis.  Cds can be listened to, while doing other things simultaneously.  Books can be read at lunch, or getting up a few minutes earlier or staying up later.  We usually waste more than 30 min a day because of our disorganization, and lack of time and priority management.

I had lunch with a Jake, landscape Archetic, recently.  He is fairly new on our TEAM and is married to a wonderful woman, Nikole, and has a son Owen.  He told me he was listening to about 6 cds a day and using his lunch hour to read.  He wants out of his job and he wants to go fast.  He has the same 24 hours in the day that you and I do. He has chosen to align those hours with his goals.  There are many things every day that are good, but will not get us closer to our main goals.  Jake has chosen to put aside some of those good things momentarily and decided to pursue the few things that will get him closer to his goals.  Jake is using a much more efficient model for progress.

This past weekend, Rita and I were privileged to get to know Jake and his wife Nikole a bit better traveling between our hotel and the Major Convention in Louisville, Ky.  We learned that Nikole has been reading during her lunch hour at work as well.  It is a powerful thing when a couple is learning together.  I don’t know who was the first leader in setting the example (duplication!) but I know because leaders are readers, they are both leading.  Nikole has a goal of 50 books this year.  She also has a 20 month old son,  Owen.  I was really wowed at her one book a week goal.   During some additional conversation, she convinced me of her commitment as she also added to her plan to read durimg the time that Owen takes his naps on Saturdays.  Learning this, I was sold on her goal as she proved to me she has a plan to manage her time.  A goal without a plan is a fantasy.

212 How to Create a Culture of Hunger to Learn   The Life BusinessWater boils at 212.  No matter, how long you leave it at 211, it will never boil. Trying to heat more than one pot to boil simultaneously on a single burner at the same time is impossible.  Spreading your time thinly among too many “good” things never gets the LIFE business boiling so you can get progress.  You are going to need some 212 focus. Reading and listening puts the use of both Jake’s and Nikole’s time in alignment with their goals of getting out of their jobs fast and it is duplicatable.  A top leader on the Team, Kirk Birtles, has an important cd in pack 6, the Culture Pack. The cd is called “Team 729 – Warning: For power players only.”  He expounds on these concepts.   If you need additional, help with time management, the book “Eat that frog” can be found on the LIFE website.

You want a Team listening and reading a lot.  If you don’t have a Team yet, the good news is that when you do, you’ll know what books and cds they need for each of their situations that might hold them back from being effective.  It also makes you a professional to know your business and its materials which foster the growth.  Promoting specific things you’ve learned on certain cds, in certain packs, and from specific books is going to be a skill you must acquire. 

Promotion is taught on the “Art of Promotion” cd in the power player pack.  A good “rule” is, if, you do any teaching, teach by referring to the CDs and books. Make the system the valuable expert.  If you were teaching basketball, you wouldn’t, over talk Michael Jordan if he were available.  You’d let him do the teaching.  Help others be responsible for learning from “Mike” and their own packs.

Before any signs of duplication will appear, Your TEAM must see you as a hungry student of the system FIRST.  I said, they “must see.” That means there must be proof, in their eyes, that you are being hungry for that information before they will be hungry for it too! Lead in this area of hunger and it will grow so much easier for you.  You will spend less time and energy by operating at 212 for small periods of time than at any other temperature for longer periods of time. You will be setting up the culture of learning, which will carry you and your Team through any obstacles they will have that will impede progress.

I love what Jake and Nicole have done by fostering a hunger and planning the time that they both read and listen to cds.  This will duplicate well in their team. They have planned everyday to created some 212 time. It is one of the things necessary to create the right culture.  It will allow their team to solve many of their own difficulties (marriage, financial, interpersonal, ect).  In addition, the reading and listening will duplicate creating the “learning organization” that Jim Collins teaches.   

Ask yourself, are leading like Orrin, Chris and Jake and Nikole to create that Learning culture from the TEAM system?  The leader builds the culture and the culture builds the team. Great job for those of you are making that investment in yourselves and your teams as well. It is the single most influential factor to the growth of your TEAM.

Stay tuned my next article in this series will be, “Why WE Are Not Duplicatible” God Bless!

God Bless

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The Bucket MLM

BuckMLM3 The Bucket MLMWith only the LIFE Business, you could probably figure out how to sell books and CDs and how to sign up people. You don’t need a system for that. With a little determination, you will find a process that works for you. You might even be able to recruit a few others to do the same. In other words, you could carry buckets to deliver water and you could also recruit a team of people to carry buckets and deliver water. This is the typical analogy I use to describe traditional MLM and networking models, the Bucket MLM.  (This post is the 2nd in the series)

Bucket MLM businesses are difficult, because sooner or later the ones who are good at signing up people, get tired and hope someone else will do it. Trying to sustain a signup game is very difficult. I’ve known many people in the MLM industry who have built big organizations and it all fell apart. A volunteer business that is built around the idea of recruitment is not easily sustainable. People who are generally very skeptical of the LIFE business are the ones familiar with this bucket model. They think that’s what we do and arguably so they want nothing to do with it.

Naively though, many of the people that get in the LIFE Business do, see it as a business, but have it in their mind that bucket recruitment is the easy mode of operation which will make them a success. It is in fact the hardest and nearly almost impossible way to build an organization. Innocently, they think this is “simply” a business of recruitment and “sales” and they are willing to play the odds of recruiting enough people and selling enough that someone eventually will do it for them. They usually have “Big Fish” mentality. In other words, because they know some influential people they think are going to have it easy getting a lot of people “signed up.”

If you do get some progress out of this method, then congratulations is due. You are a great sales person or you have lived your life in a manner that has blessed you with influence. Be forewarned, it will almost never last because you are not duplicatable and right now your business depends on your abilities and not a system. Consequentially, it is limited to growth only with in your abilities. In addition, with, you as the limitation, there will not be enough LIFE materials flowing through your organization for it to produce an income which will allow you to be financially independent.

The Bucket MLM way, is actually the way I thought when I got involved. I believed I knew enough people that would join me and eventually it would get so big that I would not have to do anything and before long I’d be rich. I was hit with a rude awakening when not that many people were willing to listen to me. And no big fish ever joined my team to do it for me. By the way, there is a method of sustaining this kind of business. It’s called, “work your guts out forever.” I didn’t have the kind of time that was required nor the energy to work hard enough for this method to work for me. I also didn’t have the influence I thought I had. I am so thankful for the TEAM system to help me develop the culture for duplication to occur. It has proven to be a true pipeline and not a bucket. I would have been sunk if success depended upon my existing level of influence within my circle.

For, the immortal person who gets the bucket MLM of to any kind of a decent start, the good news is they have taken personal responsibility, the bad news is, at this point they are self-employed. It is not our (THE TEAM’s) desire that you be self-employed. This is why Chris Brady and Orrin Woodward have included excerpts on the B-type businesses in The TEAM’s first night book. In addition, this is why we promote the Robert Kiyosaki’s book, “The Cashflow Quadrant.” For your success, and the success of others, it will be mandatory to understand the B-type business quadrant and the importance of systems. In order to have a b-type business, it will be necessary to learn and understand how a b-type business owner thinks. In the “How to get started” pack, there is a cd called, “Team 272 – Think Business” by Chris Brady. If you will learn to think like the wealthy, only then can you become wealthy.

Learning will not be optional

Learning will not be optional for success.  It might have been my biggest obstacle in the beginning. I did not like to read. In addition, where I went to engineering school, they taught me that I knew everything already. Lol.  A hunger to learn is what it will take.  Let me say that a different way.  Since I was not wealthy, it was proof that I don’t think like a wealthy person.  I didn’t like being told that or even discovering it, but it was true.  I had to “confront the brutal facts” as Jim Collins says in his book “Good to great” and not be offended, but enlightened.  By admitting the truth, I could now act on it, instead of experimenting with my time and other people’s time. 

I found that it is not just learning that was important.  One must be hungry to learn also.  In the book “Launching A Leadership Revolution” by Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady, Chapter 2 begins the “Foundational Qualities.”  “Foundational Quality” number one is “Hunger.”  Hunger is a discipline.  Don’t worry if you don’t feel very hungry right now.  Read the aforementioned chapter to understand what it means to be hungry and how to develop it.  I won’t try to say it better than my mentors have in their #1 best-selling book.  Listening to the TEAM cds regularly will also help you develop some hunger naturally.

A strong desire to take direction from those who have proven they have the answers will also be a big short cut.  Learn to think like a person who is wealthy.  Learn from those who are wealthy and learn in the manner they recommend, not just in the way you prefer.   All people who are wealthy depend on systems, not their abilities.  Robert Kiyosaki very plainly states in his book, “The Cash Flow Quadrant,” that all B-type businesses develop people and/or systems.  The TEAM has a system for developing people.  It’s not your “Job” to develop people here at this time in the journey, it’s your responsibility as a leader to create a culture of learning and leveraging the TEAM system to duplicate and develop people.

Stay Tuned for my next section in this series Called “How to Create a Culture of Hunger to Learn”

God Bless

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Creating a Culture of Duplication in THE LIFE BUSINESS

MLM3 300x225 Creating a Culture of Duplication in THE LIFE BUSINESSOne of the 3 keys to wealth, having time, money and influence, is the power of compounding. The life business is set up to help you create wealth by leveraging the team system.  In order to have a business that will duplicate and grow on its own, you will need a duplicatable system. The objective of the TEAM system is NOT really just to give you the shortcut on how to be successful. The TEAM system is designed to give you the shortcut on how to duplicate successfully.  Duplication is the only way you’re going to create the exponential growth needed for a true b-type business as defined by Robert Kiyosaki.  Duplication is not optional when it comes to being wealthy. It is a requirement.  In the LIFE business, wealth comes from assembling large sustainable teams.  We call them communities.  To build and to sustain a community, using a system for duplication is really not optional.

Not obvious to most people, duplication does not happen naturally.  As individuals, we are NOT duplicatable.  This is even less obvious and without experience or trust you will tend to ignore this major point.  People want to do things their own way due to personal preferences and so on.  They think because they do it “one way” everyone else should and will do it that “one way” as well.  Or worse they think everyone should be allowed to do it their own way.  This is nowhere close to being true for success. More on this later.  A leader in the LIFE business understands people are discretionary and discretion is the enemy of duplication.  So it’s not just enough to have a duplicatable system for people to follow, because they won’t naturally comply and follow it. 

For someone to have a true B-type business they will need use the TEAM system as leverage to set up a culture of duplication.  People tend to adopt the culture of their TEAM. They rarely blindly follow a system or someone who has no more results than them.  If you want the business to grow and last, the laws of success here cannot be ignored.  If your business is not growing or your business is shrinking, it is not because the business does not work.  It is not because you can’t do it, or because the system doesn’t work.  It is simply because you are either being discretionary about learning what it takes to set up a culture of duplication, or you’re being discretionary about what you’re willing to do in order to set up a culture of duplication.  Either way, the culture of discretion you set up is destructive to the TEAM’s growth.

Often newer TEAM members or ones who haven’t been listening, reading, and attending the meetings as much as they should, will discuss what “they” think needs to be done to build the team. In addition, they are usually talking in terms of them or maybe a couple of people on their TEAM.  Rarely are they quoting results from a book or someone on the CDs. Beware of following these TEAM members, you will likely end up with their results.  Respectfully, look upline, if needed, to find someone quoting and pointing to the system with results.  You never have to worry about positional leadership on the TEAM because we only recognize earned leadership.

Orrin has been a great example of trying not to be the system for success, but to create a culture of learning from people who have success.  I love Orrin Woodward’s example of a pool to describe culture and then the example outside of himself that follows.   The following excerpt you can find on page 198 in the Resolved 13 Resolutions for LIFE book.  Incidentally, this chapter in his book is called “Leadership Resolution” with a story about Sam Walton’s Leadership. You will find mixed into the TEAM’s system, many of the principles and methods that made Sam Walton successful.  Here is the analogy for understanding culture.

“… Culture is like the water current in a swimming pool when leaders jump into the pool orchestrating (and by example) the community to move in the same direction,  it creates a current that influences everyone in it. (note the idea that the current influences EVERYONE this applies to a good current and a bad current) New members jumping into the pool will be pulled along by the current flowing in a positive direction thanks to a moving leadership team.”

Continuing on with this thought, if everyone is not going in the same direction, there is no current. The reason that some teams have pools with a strong current and some teams do not is because some teams are discretionary about going in the right direction of following the system.  Recognize you can also have a strong “wrong” current.  The culture and the current are the two things being compared. This is why the leader must leverage the system to create the “right” culture and then “right” culture builds the TEAM “properly”.  In our example, with the pool if the current is strong, a new person who wants to go in an opposite direction literally has no chance of opposing the current. However if the current is weak, the current can’t possibly correct a group of people in opposition either.

My next several posts for my blog going to be on a series of articles on creating the right culture of duplication. These articles are really designed for leaders who want to have a business that works. Meaning one that’s growing and sustaining itself.  We know that there’s only a certain percentage of people at any one time, willing to lead. We never want to ostracize a person who wants to be a follower and not yet a leader. Consequently you should be aware; the concepts in the next several articles are more leadership type concepts. People who are hungry for the answers so they can get results are the people who will appreciate the following articles the most. For people who are not so hungry, the articles will be tough on your thinking and your “current” actions.  Remember, although we will always encourage you to live a life of excellence, we will also always love and accept you wherever you are in your journey.

If your TEAM is not growing I can guarantee as you continue reading you will understand why.  When people are called to lead they are rarely ready. So I hesitate to tell you not to read the following unless you’re ready to be a leader because that’s usually not a criteria for someone who steps up.  Again, just know that if you decide to read the blog articles that follow for the next several days and you haven’t been leading, they may seem a little tough for you.  There is no intention to hurt anyone’s feelings, or make anyone feel unwelcome in the life business.  We accept everyone.  If the only thing you’re willing to do at this time is use the life material to become a better person, we are still extremely proud of you. You have stepped into the role of personal responsibility for your life.  For those of you willing to lead and duplicate that personal responsibility into an organization correctly, there is a vast reward greater than you can imagine in the areas of TIME, MONEY and INFLUENCE for you to use however you like. So let’s get started learning…”see you tomorrow.”

God Bless

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